I live in Chatham County, North Carolina. This is rather unexpected, because I grew up one county away and swore I was leaving the area as soon as I could. That turned out to be 1984, when I moved to LA.

Now, after traveling quite a bit I’ve come to realize that this really is “God’s Own Earth” and I doubt I could live anywhere else. I’ve lived on a 21 acre horse farm down a dirt road since 1999.

I like to describe Chatham as one third redneck, one third hippie and one third Latino, and I kind of like it that way.

Politically, I’m a left leaning libertarian who believes that government exists to provide a level playing field and some basic services. In today’s polarized world that makes me a long-haired liberal hippie, but let it be known that the only political party I’ve ever belonged to was the Republican party. I left it years ago when it was taken over by anti-science, pro-war spend freaks. I am currently unaffiliated.

Chatham is a wonderful place to live, but don’t tell anyone. It’s nature is changing as tens of thousands of houses are being built in new bedroom communities to serve Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and the Research Triangle park.

This blog is mainly here so I can hear myself talk, but I hope to write some interesting and sometimes funny commentary from my particular point of view.

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